• Problems with code creation

    24. January 2019

    On some days in January, codes could not be coded correctly by software updates. Now the generator works properly again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Bowerbird-Code patented in China

    1. November 2018

    The Bowerbird-Code is finally a patented Innovation in China, and can be internationally marketed as such. The chinese patent market is one of the toughest to enter, therefore we’re especially happy about these great news!

  • Straight razor manufacturer Zwickmeister collaborates with Bowerbird GmbH

    23. October 2018

    We’re pleased to announce that in its annual autumn campaign, straight razor manufacturer Zwickmeister collaborates with us, Bowerbird GmbH. Zwickmeister customers will find a Bowerbird-Code with their next order, leading them to a 10% discount. Thanks for this great opportunity!

  • Bowerbird GbR goes GmbH

    15. October 2018

    It’s official: On the 28th of September 2018, Berlin research institute GFaI (Society for the Advancement of Applied Computer Science), GFaI Tech GmbH and Berlin Digital agency Hier.Com founded the Bowerbird GmbH. Founding members are Hanno Zwicker from Hier.Com, Gunnar Heilmann, Daniel Herfert and Mario Koddenbrock from the GFaI institute. Hanno Zwicker is the chief operating officer, Gunnar Heilmann the authorised officer, Daniel Herfert und Mario Koddenbrock developed the code.

  • BARC Start Up Award: We officially applied

    7. September 2018

    On the 7th of November, the BARC Start Up Award will take place again in Frankfurt. We applied to be part of this year’s finale. We at Bowerbird GmbH intend to compete as a better alternative to the qr code, with the goal to revolutionize hte barcode scene. Fingers crossed!

  • Finally online on our new server!

    17. August 2018

    Today we moved to our new linux server, providing even better performance for our Bowerbird Generator. Check it out!

  • Server Move

    11. June 2018

    We moved servers! From now on you can create our Bowerbird-Code twice as fast. Hop over to our Code Generator and try your luck!

  • Bowerbird goes GloboScan 2018

    11. June 2018

    Last week, we visited GLoboScan 2018 convention in Hannover, conversing with representatives from science and industry about chances and possibilities for our Bowerbird-Code on an industrial level. Thanks to everyone for the englightening input!

  • Bowerbird goes Re:publica 2018

    8. May 2018

    Last week, we visited Re:Publica 2018, Europe’s biggest and most important digital conference. Thanks to everyone who spoke with us for all these inspiring conversations! If you want to take a peek into Re:publica conference, you can find the most important talks on their youtube channel:

  • Beta-Phase

    8. May 2018

    Since last week, our demo generator officially arrived beta. Under “DEMO GENERATOR” on this website, you can registrate and try out the code on self-picked pictures. Have fun!