• Creative City Berlin Magazine published

    22. October 2019

    Since September this year, the Creative City Berlin magazine “The Big Good Future” is on the market, available for download on as well as to be picked up in its print edition at Podewil in Klosterstr. 68 in Berlin. We provided our services to install Bowerbird-Codes to all speakers and main chapters, linking readers to additional information throughout the publication. Have fun reading and discovering!

  • Light Up Berlin a great success

    21. October 2019

    We look back with pride on a successful Light Up Berlin Festival this October – the very first Berlin Lightpainting Festival we were happy to sponsor. 200 visitors and artists from 16 different countries came by to participate in Lightpainting workshops, see Light- and Bodypainting shows and walk through the exhibition of lightpainting artwork. The observant visitor could also spot a few Bowerbird-Codes!

  • Bowerbird-App back in Apple Store

    16. September 2019

    The Bowerbird-App is back in the Apple Store. Have fun coding!

  • Bowerbird App currently not available in Apple Store

    11. September 2019

    Oops, we seem to have forgotten to prelengthen our developer’s licence. We’re on it, and the Bowerbird app is soon going to reappear in the Apple Store. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Bowerbird Generator online

    8. July 2019

    We managed to update the server, so the Bowerbird Generator could go online again. Happy coding!

  • Server Down

    1. July 2019

    We’re currently facing technical issues with a server down, and therefore had to temporarily remove the Bowerbird Code Generator from the website. Stay tuned and no worries, we’re on it. For any questions or time-sensitive code assignments, write us or give us a call!

  • Updates on Bowerbird-Generator

    3. June 2019

    We updated the Bowerbird-Generator to make its usage more simple: The available sizes have been reduced to the three sizes S (small), M (medium) and L (large).

  • Bowerbird Generator Updates

    8. May 2019

    We’re currently updating the Bowerbird Generator on our website. If you experience any issues scanning your code, just reinstall the app on your phone!

  • Coding with special characters

    15. April 2019

    From this week on, it is finally possible to use special characters such as an umlaut in creating a Bowerbird-Code. Happy coding everyone!

  • Light up, Berlin!

    13. March 2019

    We’re happy to announce that we’re the official supporter of this year’s Light Up Berlin! Within the framework of this unique event, internationally renowned Light Painting artists show their work and skills to take visitors into a magical world of light.

    Light Painting combines photography and painting: In long-term exposure shots, a painting is created by light. Different light sources serve as “brushes” for the artists with existing rooms and objects being integrated into the creation. The event takes place on the 5th of October 2019 at Umspannwerk Berlin, starting from 1pm.

    Get your tickets at

    Photo: Gunnar Heilmann